PYDLIFE Affiliate Marketing FAQs

PYDLIFE Affiliate Marketing FAQs
  1. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is based on the concept that the affiliate promotes another person’s or company’s products or services and earns a commission for it. All sales are tracked via affiliate links and the affiliate takes a percentage of the profit from each sale from their website, blog, social media, app, etc. It is a very popular tactic to drive sales, and generate online revenue and profits by benefiting the brands and the affiliate marketers.


  1. How does affiliate marketing work?

There are three main elements to affiliate marketing. First, the seller (‘PYD Life’ ), an individual or a company who creates the product or service. Second, the affiliate, is a person or an enterprise who promotes the product to their audience and gets a share of the retail price. The third key participant in the process is the consumer who purchases the products/services via the affiliate site.


Here's the basic process:

A site owner created an Amazon Affiliate account to apply to become an affiliate;

If approved (and approval is typically fast), PYD Life gives each affiliate a unique Associate ID & unique site link;

Associates share the affiliate links in their account;

These links are placed in blog posts or other parts of their site,

When someone clicks your unique link to make a purchase, the associate earns a commission almost instantly.

P.s. Once approved, please email us ( and tell how do you want to get the commission, by month or by week?


  1. How do affiliates get paid?

There are different ways in which affiliate companies reward their affiliates depending on their objectives. The main performance-based payment model is pay-per-sale. Based on how well the affiliate is performing in contributing towards the company’s goal, they are also known as performance marketing. The commissions earned by affiliates are paid at regular intervals, on a monthly basis. The seller (or merchant) offers affiliate links containing tracking codes so every sale or referral can be tracked and commission paid to the affiliate.


  1. Is affiliate marketing worth the effort?

The short answer is ‘Yes, absolutely!’. It can bring big rewards but it certainly needs an investment of time and effort. As an affiliate, it is important to focus on a category you understand and can focus on. Then, define a highly targeted and ready-to-buy audience and attract them with the right keywords and by promoting your site, blog, or social media profile to them. Finally, stay abreast of digital marketing developments and don’t be afraid to learn via trial and error.


  1. Is affiliate marketing legit?

It’s natural to be wary of illegal schemes where affiliate marketing is concerned. Think of it as any other type of digital advertising i.e. you, the affiliate, get paid to promote someone else’s products. Like all advertising, you get ‘white hat affiliates’ who stick to the rules and work for the mutual benefit of both the merchant and themselves. Whereas, ‘black hat affiliates’ might use not-so-legit means such as pop-ups, flashy banners, and link cloaking to promote the products they sell.